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How to Keep the Home Classroom Organized and Welcoming

How to Keep the Home Classroom Organized and Welcoming

13 days ago
An Organized Learning Environment It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed with trying to create a...
How to Set Up Winter Potion Play

How to Set Up Winter Potion Play

If you’re looking for some sensory ideas for winter break... potion play never gets old! If you'r...
POV: A kiddo drawn to color!

POV: A kiddo drawn to color!

This list is for a kiddo who’s favorite color is “rainbow” and uses every color in the crayon box...
[WISHLIST] POV - A parent who wants to give the gift of learning

[WISHLIST] POV - A parent who wants to give the gift of learning

As parents, finding gifts that are both fun and educational is the creme de la creme of purchasin...
Unique Gift Ideas for Elementary Teachers

Unique Gift Ideas for Elementary Teachers

Teachers pour their hearts into providing our children with a good education and priceless experience. It’s rare that anyone other than their families see the long hours they put in perfecting their lesson plans, setting up new activities, and grading papers. 

Let’s show our appreciation this holiday season! 

5 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

5 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

The holiday season is approaching! We know that the thought of adding more toys to an already full playroom is not ideal. 

At Creative Learning Co.™, we believe setting aside a space for your preschooler’s open-ended and imaginative play will foster hours of independent play for your child.

How to Dye Popcorn Kernels for Sensory Play

How to Dye Popcorn Kernels for Sensory Play

Have you ever tried dying popcorn kernels?  It is a great addition to sensory play!  You can create vibrant colors to match any theme.  While easy, the process to dye the popcorn kernels takes a day or two.   If you maintain them well, they can last for a year or longer!

We're sharing our favorite way to dye popcorn kernels with you!

Ways to Play with the Acrylic Hundreds Board™

Ways to Play with the Acrylic Hundreds Board™

As a former elementary teacher, I love Hundreds Charts! Exposing pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade students to a number chart is so great to help them become familiar with these early learning concepts.  Kids can see rows of ten easily which reinforces the understanding of place value and really pushes children to observe patterns of ten both vertically and horizontally.  It can even help more advanced math students with skip counting, multiplication, and higher level thinking.
No-stick Slime Recipe for Sensory Play

No-stick Slime Recipe for Sensory Play

Some types of slime are too sticky or complicated to make, but not this one!  Here, we are sharing our favorite no-stick slime recipe for sensory play.
Organized Montessori Playroom for kids and toddlers

How to Set up a Montessori Playroom - Less is More

Whenever you think about redesigning a room in your home, your end goal is likely to make it an inviting space. A space you are drawn to and desire to spend time in.  

The same is true for your child’s space, especially when you are setting up an area where they will be spending a lot of time learning and discovering through play.  

how to loose parts play flisat table

What You Need to Know About Loose Parts Play

One reason we are big fans of loose parts play is that it allows for a creative outlet. One child might use colored wood pieces to create a design on the floor (similar to a mandala) while another could decorate the top of their castle with the same colored pieces. Each child will interpret the materials differently and it is always so cool to witness the variation and interpretation of the materials. 
benefits of making potions open ended play

The Benefits of Making Potions

The Potion Board™ is one of our most popular boards to date, and a Creative Learning Co.™ original design!  The versatility of this Learning Board™ allows for hours of fun. It supports all kinds of learning skills through wet or dry sensory play!
Creative ways to play with the coin board for fine motor skills

Creative Ideas for Extending Play with the Coin Board™

When it comes to open-ended play, simple is often better. We love the Coin Board™ because it can easily be used for a wide range of ages and levels to help improve: 

  • Fine Motor Development 
  • Hand-Eye Coordination  
  • Coin and Number Recognition 
  • Counting Skills 
fine motor skills with the a-maze-ing rainbow board

Creative Ways to Play with Your A-Maze-ing Rainbow Board™

This sealed beechwood board is double-sided for double the fun! One side has a rainbow and the other side has a maze/labyrinth. Twenty wooden balls come with your initial order, but any 1” ball or marble will work perfectly to slide and swirl around this board! 
All about art easel board creative open ended play

All About Our Art Easel Board™

We’re here to create products that help you foster moments of creativity and opportunities for your child’s creative side to soar!  

The Art Easel Board™ will be well-loved over the years to come as your little artist grows, creates, and uncovers new skills and techniques to perfect their masterpieces.

favorite fillers sensory play open ended play

Favorite Fillers for Sensory Play

The best thing about open-ended, sensory play is that there are so many different ways to make it new and exciting again. Simply change the theme, filler, tool, or board—and uncover even more hours of exploration!  

Here at The Creative Learning Co., we want to be a resource for you as you discover that creative play doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be loads of fun for everyone!  

How to choose your first learning board flisat insert

How to Choose Your First Learning Board™

Our Learning Boards™ are designed to help foster open-ended play in your little explorer’s day-to-day lives. We continue adding new boards all the time to keep things exciting and engaging!  

Learning boards make it easy for both parent and child to enjoy play-based learning. It’s easy to start a new activity or cover a new skill simply by swapping out the board.  

How to Foster Open-Ended Play

How to Foster Open-Ended Play

Open-ended play is when we give our children the freedom to play and explore without rules or instructions. When our children are free to imagine, create, and engage with the materials available to them—they begin building the foundation for all other developmental leaps. 
The importance of open ended play blog post

The Importance of Open-Ended Play

Here at The Creative Learning Co., we believe in letting young children learn through play. The early years are crucial for brain development and engaging their imagination. Hands-on learning without a formal structure around the toy or activity provides a solid foundation for your child to continue to build off for years to come.