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POV: A kiddo drawn to color!

POV: A kiddo drawn to color!

This list is for a kiddo who’s favorite color is “rainbow” and uses every color in the crayon box on every color of paper (know anyone like that?)! 10 acrylic and wooden learning boards™ from The Creative Learning Co. that will appeal to the sense of sight, and foster everything from fine motor skills to math, and even celebrate the holidays. Live in color 🌈


Small Christmas Learning Board™

For the Holidays… and maybe even Christmas in July (hey, sometimes we need to jazz up those long summer days) – This board is great for fine motor skills like posting. Put the “lites” into the tree holes and find loose parts to put into Rudolph’s nose.

You can also:

  • Add an LED light under the board to illuminate the "lights"
  • Pour sensory fillers into the star cut out

Menorah Board™

The two blue colors and the contrasting fire on the candles make the Menorah board so pretty! Like the Christmas board, you can post and use loose parts and also practice counting.



Tree and Train Board™

Perfect for fostering imaginative learning, this acrylic learning board™ is glittery and dazzles on top with a bright star. Hours of fun can be had by posting “lites” on the large tree, and practice moving the trains along the track. Pick up a few mini presents from the dollar store, or tiny bows, and post them through the trunk. 

You’ve Got Mail Board™

From Holidays back to “regular” days, the Letters to Santa Board™️ and our You've Got Mail Board 📬™️ are bright and beautiful acrylics learning boards™ with endless options for imagination and writing. Your child can practice sending letters to loved ones, Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and friends. Included with each purchase are two acrylic "letters" so you can write ✍️ notes over and over with dry erase markers.

Some ways for a child to learn about writing letters:

  • Pre-writing and writing skills
  • Learn about the postal service
  • Fine motor posting
  • Learn your home address & how to address an envelope ✉️
  • How to write a formal letter
  • Creative Play



Number Tracing Board™

The Number Tracing Board™ is a beautiful wooden learning board™ that is truly heirloom quality. We provide the loose parts (colorful felt balls) for preschool counting practice (no worksheets required). Use the stylus to learn how to write numbers.  We love this with a trofast bin for easy storage, but it’s perfect for playing on the floor of your playroom aka educational ensuite ;)

Add more color by using paper to creating rubbings with crayons. Don’t forget it’s two sided! If you’re new to loose parts, we’ve got you covered. There are enough felt balls to cover 1 through 10 all at once. 

Acrylic Number Board™

A hands-on learning tool for number recognition. This pretty small learning board™ has turquoise numbers that are chunky for preschool learners. Ten colored coin counters are perfect for number learning activities

Create several math centers for elementary learning

  • Puzzle
  • drop-through game
  • or a writing activity 

Rainbow Letter Board™ and 26 Letters™

Transparent Neon Letter Board™

Starting your at-home learning collection and have a kiddo who loves color? I don’t know if you can pick just one… these are must-have homeschool learning boards™ in a beautiful color range. The chunky letters are so fun for little learners (and you, too). 

Ways to practice the alphabet:

  • Write directly onto each letter to practice the correct handwriting formation
  • Write directly onto the bottom board to practice letter formation
  • Hide letters in sensory filler and hunt for them
  • Find objects around the house with specific beginning letter sounds, then match them onto the board
  • Remove the bottom board and create a drop-through game
  • Use as a traditional letter puzzle
  • Practice alphabetizing the letters in order on the floor, then return letters back to the board.
  • Use our word building board to spell words
  • Practice sight words




Custom Name Board™

Our Custom Name Boards™️ are perfect for learning the letters in your name, general name recognition, and pre-writing skills! You get to customize the color and select your choice of upper or lowercase letters.

  • Write directly onto the board with dry erase markers
  • Use as a traditional name puzzle
  • Drop the chunky letters through the letter pockets for a great fine motor activity (when the bottom board is removed)
  • Fill letter pockets with rice or another sensory filler
  • Trace each letter with a finger or market
  • Hide letters in colored water and place back into the board
  • Practice letter identification and name recognition
  • Trace letters on paper then color in with markers

Color Sorting Board (wood)

A perfect tool to start your Flisat table sensory learning collection. Our coloring sorting board™ fits the small Trofast and is awesome for practicing color words and color sorting. Drop colored objects of all kinds into the holes for an easy-to-set-up color sorting game.

The pom-poms included are slightly larger than the holes to support fine motor work and finger strengthening.

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