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Spring Sensory Play Activities for Kids: Encouraging Creativity and Learning

Spring Sensory Play Activities for Kids: Encouraging Creativity and Learning

Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate than with some fun and engaging sensory play activities for kids? I'm excited to introduce our Awesome Blossom Play Pack - a 30-page digital download for hands on learning and tons of fun! Let's dive into some of the creative and educational activities included in the pack. These activities are designed to promote sensory play lessons, enhance sensory play activities, and foster learning and creativity.


Pointillism is a great way to encourage creativity, concentration, fine motor skills, and sensory play all at once. Using our Ultimate Learning Center™️ and a few Creative Learning Boards™️ from our shop, along with washable tempera paints and a CLC digital printable, my daughter and I had a blast creating a floral print with q-tips. The end result was a beautiful painting that's perfect for spring. Try it with your littles!

Flower fine motor skills

Pom poms, our Cup Board™️, and a few printed pages from our "Awesome Blossom Play Pack" are all you need to complete this quick and easy invitation to play. Encourage your little ones to use their fine motor skills, hand strength, and concentration to complete the flower using pom poms or other loose parts. This activity is a great way to spark a conversation about spring and practice color identification.

Watercolor flowers

Watercolor flowers are a fun and easy way to create beautiful artwork while also practicing fine motor skills. Using our Cup Board™️, liquid watercolor, and paper towels, we created a stunning tie-dye effect that can be turned into flowers or greeting cards. It's the perfect activity to celebrate spring and Mother's Day.

Spring frog pond

Create a spring frog pond in just a few minutes with our Ultimate Learning Center™️ and water! This fun sensory activity encourages children to count, arrange and rearrange the under water pond life, discuss the life cycle of a frog, fill vessels of water, and transfer water with droppers. Plus, the waterproof surface allows for hours and hours of wet sensory play without any mess or stains.

Fruit soup

Get creative with fruit soup, a fun and edible sensory activity that encourages children to practice knife skills, fruit naming, color identification, stirring/mixing, fine motor skills, and counting. Cut up your favorite fruits, place them in our Four Part Sorting Tray™️, and get to work making delicious fruit soup using our new recipe cards that will be available soon!

Fresh flower cubes

Take a family nature walk and collect flowers to create fresh flower cubes! Simply add the flowers and water to an ice tray and freeze for 24 hours. Once frozen, add them to your Ultimate Learning Center™️ for a fun sensory experience. It's a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring and explore nature with your little ones. 


Try out these sensory play activities this spring and let us know which ones your little ones enjoyed the most! We put all of these activities and MORE in the Awesome Blossom Play Pack



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