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Unique Gift Ideas for Elementary Teachers

Unique Gift Ideas for Elementary Teachers

 Let the gift giving begin!  

Teachers pour their hearts into providing our children with a good education and priceless experience. It’s rare that anyone other than their families see the long hours they put in perfecting their lesson plans, setting up new activities, and grading papers.  

Let’s show our appreciation this holiday season!  

5 Classroom Gift Ideas for Teachers 

Finding the best gift for your elementary student’s teacher doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you want to go in on a classroom gift with other families or go it alone—we have Learning Boards™ for everyone this holiday season. 

Rainbow Letter Board™ + 26 letters 

This beautiful Rainbow Letter Board™ with 26 colorful letters is great for helping students learn letter identification, letter sound identification, letter formation, spelling, and other early literacy skills. The acrylic letters and whiteboard allow for writing and tracing directly on the Learning Board™ and letters. A must-have for every classroom!  


Teacher gift ideas learning board sensory inserts

Acrylic Hundreds Board™ 

Help your student’s teacher keep learning fresh and fun! The Acrylic Hundreds Board™ makes math lessons interesting and engaging. A great resource for skip counting, number recognition 1-100, and much more.  


Addition Board™ + number tiles 

Although many students don’t particularly enjoy learning arithmetic, our Addition Board™ and 25 wood tiles (numbers: 0-20 and symbols: +, -, x, =) give your elementary student the opportunity for a hands-on addition activity. This Learn Board™ will help them build their confidence by creating addition number sentences.  


Spelling board insert gift idea for teachers

Lowercase Spelling Board™ + 42 letter tiles 

A double-sided Learning Board™ with vowels engraved on one side for CVC spelling and a ten frame on the back to allow for spelling longer words. Both sides of this wooden spelling board have a flashcard pocket at the top to hold word cards for learning through play!  

One unique feature about the Lowercase Spelling Board™ and 42 letter tiles is that the font was carefully selected to align with the most popular handwriting programs in the US.   


Montessori Insets Shape Board™ 

A Montessori school style board, perfect for every early elementary classroom! This acrylic Learning Board™ is modeled after metal Montessori insets. A great resource for practicing shapes, developing fine motor skills, independence, concentration, coordination, and more.  


Montessori shapes gift idea for teachers

Give the Gift of Creative Learning 

Our Creative Learning Co.™ Learning Boards™ pair well with a sensory table and bins, but they are not required to enjoy them. Looking for something else? Visit our website for more elementary classroom gift ideas!  

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