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Free U.S. Domestic Shipping on Orders $250+
Free U.S. Domestic Shipping on Orders $250+

Play Points Rewards Information

Earning rewards is easy with the CLC Play Points system!

New to our website as of 1/6/23, all customers will have the opportunity to earn Play Points moving forward. Points will not be given for past purchases, as the rewards program officially begins for all customers on 1/6/23.



Examples of points, ways to earn, and reward examples are subject to change compared to the examples below.

How it works:

This button opens the Play Points Panel with everything you need! It's on every page of the site except the checkout page. And on the right hand side.


This is the Play Points Panel before you sign up or log in.


Earn Play Points in a variety of ways like in this example.


Redeem Play Points for a one-time reward in the form of a one-time discount code, like in this example. Other exclusive rewards are available and new reward options will change monthly.




Sign up today using the sign up button in the Play Points Panel. Use the same email that you use to make purchases on our online store. You will fill out the form that looks like this. Go to your email inbox to confirm your email address!



    How do I earn Play Points?

    • One way to earn points is by making a purchase. You can earn 3 points for every $1 that you spend excluding taxes and shipping.
    • When you earn points, you will get an email about your new points!
    • You will also be able to see your points in the Play Points Panel.
    • You can also follow us on our social channels, leave an honest review, or share your birthday with us to earn additional Play Points!
    • Check the Play Points panel for more ways to earn points as we will be adding new rewards on an on-going basis.


    How do I Redeem Play Points?

    • Redeem earned rewards in the Play Points Panel.
    • Click on the button next to the reward that you would like.
    • Click on Redeem for the reward.
      • Once you Redeem your reward selection, you are unable to change your selection or get those points back.
      • Please be sure you have made a final decision about your reward selections.
    • You will copy the code. This code is just for you, don't give it to anyone!
    • Now that you've Redeemed your points. You will see less points in your Play Points Panel.
    • You will be able to use your code when you enter your information at checkout.


      How do I Redeem a discount?

      • 100 Play Points is equal to 1 US Dollar.
        • Example: if you have accumulated 800 points, you can redeem and apply an $8 discount (in the form of a coupon code).
      • You will only be able to redeem points in 100 point increments, like 100, 200, 300, 400, an so on...
      • Choose View next to Order Discount.
      • You can choose to redeem a portion of your points.
      • Redeem, then copy your unique code.
      • Then enter the code when you are checking out.




        How do I Redeem a product?

        • In the Play Points Panel you click the product reward that you want to get if you have enough points.
        • You will Redeem it and you must add the product to your cart.
        • You will then use the code when you enter your information on the checkout page. This will make your product free.



        How do I apply Play Points to an order?

        • Once you Redeem within the Play Points Panel, you will enter the code on the checkout page when you enter your information.
        • Play Points discounts can be applied to an order over $50 of qualifying products.
        • Cart value must be $50 on qualifying products before shipping or tax is applied.
          • Points discounts can be applied to most products, but some exclusion apply. 


            Do you have a referral program?

            • YES!
            • Another way to earn rewards is by referring a friend to CLC. When they use your link and make a purchase you will get 500 points.
            • Your personal link is located in the Play Points Panel that you can copy and share your link with anyone and multiple times.
            • Your friend will be unlock a $5 discount code they can use on their first order.
            • You can track your referrals in the Play Points Panel.
            • Share your link using Facebook, Twitter, or email by using the buttons in the Play Points Panel.



            How many Play Points do I have?

            • View your points and rewards in the Play Points Panel.
              • If you don't see a number at the top, make sure you are signed into the Play Points Panel.
            • When you make a return, any points earned for the returned products will be revoked.
            • Points do not expire.



            What products am I unable to redeem/cash in Play Points towards?

            • For some of our most premium and original products, or bundled options, we are simply unable to apply any discount or point redemption option.
            • You will still earn Play Points when you purchase them, but can not cash in Play Points to purchase them.
            •  The following items will be excluded from points redemption: 
              • Four Compartment Board,  Three Letter Words by Katie Resin Letter Sound Sets (both colors), Screwdriver Board, Peek-a-boo Board, Shape Board (both English and Spanish), Lowercase/Uppercase Spelling Board + Letter Tiles, Word Family Tiles, Ah-Maze-ing Rainbow Board, Word Building Board, Print Tracing Board, Number Tracing Board, Walnut Resin Letter Board, Ring Stacker Board, Peg Board (wood), Busy Board, Lowercase/Uppercase Wood Letter Boards, Number Board, Resin Letter Board (wood), Double Sided Heart Board, Flisat Table Legs, Sand Tray Board, Vinyl Flisat Table Covers, Snowman Board, and any of our bundles. 


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