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Color sorting cups

Love the color sorting cups activity. The only thing I would add is a hole for all the cups or take away two of the cups- colors! We enjoyed the coins that fit in the slot... Would like more ideas on what to use the rings that came with it as well.
We have enjoyed everything we have purchased thus far from The Creative Learning Co!

Stunning 🤩

Great great quality!! Very thick wood board, it will last forever!
My girl loved it and enjoy playing with it. Super versatile!

Number Tracing Board™
Anali Iglesias
We loved this board!!

Awesome product!!! I’m very satisfied with this and all the products from the company!! Great quality and my child can play with it in many different ways!! 😍


Great quality and super durable! Lots of ways to play with it so your kids can practice writing! Loved it!!!!!!! 😍100% recommended for your playroom!!!

Faucet Board™
Heather Bartley

My son loves this and will spend hours playing in the water. Everything we have ordered has arrived in perfect condition and the quality is outstanding. Highly recommend.

This item has been perfect for my son. We are working to regain his fine motor skills.

Coin Board™
Rachel Stady
Super Educational

It’s amazing how such a simple board can be so educational and versatile! My 2.5 year old will play with this for quite a while. We use it to learn colors, shapes, fine motor, holiday icon identification, and I plan to make some laminate sheets to go over it that have different themes.

Love Potion Board™
Rachel Stady
Perfect Potion Play

We couldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day and had to play with this right when it was delivered! I have a bunch of other boards for potion play which we use a ton and still will. I really enjoyed this one though because it’s got so much in one board - mixing bowl, cups (usually put baking soda rocks in), and the tubes for our vinegar. As with all their products, it’s really thick and high quality. It’s made to last!

Peek A Boo Board™
Rachel Stady
Versatile and fun

My 2.5 year old is loving this board! He likes playing peek a boo, placing his Safari Ltd toob animals in slots with the matching animal, and matching games (I use Elmer’s rubber and put the same images on the circular wood pieces to play matching games). I really appreciated the multiple inserts that it comes with. I do wish it came with some more. I plan to find out how to print some more out on our own. Lastly, the wood on this piece is so high quality and well crafted. It truly is beautiful and worth the price.

Perfect activity for cold winter days!

My 2 year old loves this! She will literally play for 30-45 minutes, pouring, dumping and filling up all different kinds of containers with the water. The only hard part is dealing with the mess afterwards. But if it gives her simulation and she is having a ball, it's totally worthy it!
You will not be disappointed, your kids will love this!

Fantastic light board

Hands down one of my favorite purchases for my kids—there’s so many possibilities with different manipulatives and ways to play. The lights themselves are very cool as well with being able to select different colors or “dance party mode” as my 4 year old calls it (the lights quickly cycle/flash through the various colors). Shipping was also very prompt and everything was exceptionally well packaged!

Faucet Board™
Lindsey T
The best purchase!

So worth it. My 4 year old and 2 year old both love using this sometimes together and sometimes on their own! It helps extend playtime and the kids love being creative with it! It was the first item I purchased and then I slowly got more. Even got it as a gift for a friend who already had the table!

Valentine Board Love!

My boys (2 and 5) love the Valentine’s Day board! So many way to play with the face insert and the ‘lights’ and keys that come with it. We are super happy we have discovered Creative Learning Company!

Cup Board™
Rachel Stady

I love how versatile this bird is! We use for potion play the most but also to store loose parts when playing with playdoh kits, open ended play, holding bands for the geoboard, and even color sorting (we put color sorted Pom poms and other items into this board and then transfer to the color sorting cup board)

Love it

We love this for potion play! The board and the accessories are high quality and very durable. I really appreciate that the boards come with all the accessories needed to play.

High quality

Wow this is a high quality product! I had tried some other cheaper options before I spent the money. I can definitely say this is worth the money and I’m glad I did! We use it with resin letters, letter, match, color matching, placing objects to cover the letters. I like that you can chose the board underneath with it. I’ve actually used that board in many different ways so its multi-purpose is worth the money. It also allows me to place a printout underneath to make different creations with the letters (hope that makes sense). Overall super high quality product!


The perfect tubes for potion play. It’s a great add on option to get reward points and comparable to other retailers

Cute Color Sorting

I really enjoy how easy this is to set up for color sorting. I like the cups are sturdy and can be used for multiple types of play. I also appreciated how there are more cups than the cutouts. This allowed me to use the other cups a different way in another trofast bin. My only critique is that I do have to supplement with other color items like pom poms. The coins are great for the slot in the board. The inside circle of the coin fits in the cups but it fits perfectly into the bottom so it was hard for my guy to get them out. Other than that we love it!!

XL Potion Board™
Jennifer Wise
Science Play!!

My kids are huge fans of science and potion play! You can’t go wrong with this board. Some things you make focus on are color recognition and pouring. Highly recommend!

Faucet Board™
Jennifer Wise
So much fun!!

If you don’t have this board, you need it! Water play is a hit in our home and it lasts for such a long time. This has been a game changer for our sensory play.

Drying Rack Board™
Jennifer Wise
Perfect for Little Helpers!

If you have a kid who likes to wash anything and everything, this drying rack will come in handy! Our favorite activity so far has been to wash pumpkins (at Fall time) and set them on our drying racks to dry! The possibilities are endless!

Montessori Love

This set has been our most used to this date! My 4 year old can sit down and do this on his own, with no issue. I love the Montessori style and I feel l like this is super encouraging for him. You can use it how you see fit and use your creativity. I know for sure this has helped my child with their letters!

Coin Board™
Jennifer Wise
Must Have!

This is one of our favorites from CLC. The versatility is awesome and we’ve used this for counting, learning shapes, color recognition, and fine motor work. We’ve been able to use loose pieces from holiday launches so we get extra use out of it. It’s a must have in my opinion!

Coin Board™
A fun favorite

This is a favorite in our family. My little boy will sit and play with this for a while. And it’s fun to get the different acrylic parts for holidays. We also use it for word recognition for my older kids. A fun toy for all

Fun little whiteboard

We use this as a little white board and my girls love it. It’s a good size and great to keep with my kids school stuff to help with writing words and spelling