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Based on 713 reviews

Great product for learning letters.

My little one loves playing with the rainbow letters!

My one and half years old loves feeding different animals with the rainbow letters!

Good board for sport themed sensory table play.

My baby loves the little pen.

Best products for light table!

Great printouts for my little music lover!

Cup Board™
Sonia M.
Fantastic addition

I love using this board and the potion board to complete sensory table play invitations. I especially like that the diameter of the holes are different than they are on the potion board

Very useful

I love this board because I can use it in many ways. It helps complete many of my sensory play invitations.

Should've bought this sooner

Absolutely a must have. This gets played with throughout an entire day. My toddler feels very empowered knowing she can turn it on and off all on her own.

Acrylic Block board

This product is a great board but from the way the ad is written, you think you are also getting blocks. When you get the product and really ze the blocks are purchased separately, they are not available and are on back order. I would never have ordered this if I knew blocks weren’t included or were back ordered. It’s a lot to pay for something merging you can’t use the way it was intended.

My toddler loves busy bees and this is a great board to introduce counting, practice mortar skills, and learn everything about bees!

Great complementary board for different themes: feed the fire fighter for fire truck week, feed the elephant for safari week, etc.

My toddler is immediately drawn to the color and peg boards. Even better when mixed up with the lights

Engaging toys!

Endless options to start sensory play!

Love this purchase.

Peek A Boo Board™
Jennifer De Jesus
Great quality !

I love how all the pieces are sturdy and perfect size for little hands. However I’ve had issues with the wood stain rubbing off when touching. I am not too bothered by this cause I know clc uses stains that are safe for children but I am waiting to let my lo play with this set until he is a little older! Other than that I would recommend this product for its versatility.

Acrylic Block Board™
Jennifer De Jesus
Great for fine motor practice!

My 13 month old loves this light play. But honestly I think I have just as much fun if not more while playing this. We only have 2 sets of the hellosugarhouse blocks but it works out cause he practices moving the blocks around from space to space. The board is also heavy enough so that he can’t remove it.

Love this.

Awesome Letters

These will be perfect for sensory bins, water play, puzzles, letter recognition, and so much more!

Love the creative option!

My daughter enjoys the sink option for our sensory table. She has already spent a few hours playing with it. Solid deisgn. Great that the faucet and cup are included.

Two notes: my daughter turned the faucet so it went over the edge of the table. It made a huge mess on the floor. If there was a way to limit the range the faucet could turn/rotate, that would be an added bonus.

Also, when my daughter turned the faucet to let the water fall on the center divider of the table, it was soaked. The wood has started to warp a bit. I dried it fairly soon after the event and let a fan blow on it for about an hour to let it dry. If we do this too many times, it might ruin the table, so I'm considering options to seal the wood.

Tons of Teeth

I love these little acrylics loose parts and can't wait to use these when we talk about community helpers and dental health. Thank you!

Lots of Letter Fun

I got these in uppercase for my pre-k classroom and am excited to do name activities and use them for assessments.

Apple-solutely Adorable!

This board is the best! I love that it came with keys and counters and that they can both be written on!

So Fun!

Love this adorable board and the large variety of printables that come with it! Amazing for so many different learning, and play, ideas!