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Free U.S. Domestic Shipping on Orders $250+

Faucet Board™

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Our Faucet Board™ is a one-of-a-kind Learning Board™ that makes water play so easy and fun with any large Trofast-sized bin! CLC is the first to bring a working sink for kids to market in this way and we love seeing so many happy customers! Simply turn the water on and off with a button at the top of the faucet and the unit is rechargeable via a USB cord. Turn your sensory play into water play in no time with this working faucet for play kitchen activities.


Three purchasing options:

1) The Complete LARGE Faucet Board Set = Faucet, Board, Cup, Potion Tube (see details below)

2) Large Board ONLY (NO FAUCET INCLUDED) = Board, Cup, Potion Tube ONLY

3) The Complete SMALL Faucet Board Set = Faucet, Board, Cup, 2 Potion Tubes


Included with your Complete LARGE Faucet Board purchase (fits large Trofast bin):

- one faucet

- one Faucet Board™

- one cup (colors may vary)

- one potion tube

- one charging cord

- one 18" tube

- one USB cover to protect the charging port 


Included with your Complete SMALL Faucet Board purchase:

Everything listed above, plus an additional potion tube (two option tubes total).


 Sizing: Select the size you would like (small or large) before adding to the cart


Please read the product description for this item in full before making your purchase. When purchasing this item you agree that you have read the product description in full and understand what is included, what is excluded, and when it ships/is delivered.

* If buying a board without the faucet we are NOT responsible if your faucet does not fit. This is the buyer's responsibility to ensure it is the same make/model that the board was designed for.



Warning:  Adult supervision is required at all times. Intended for children ages 3+. Many of our products contain small parts and should not be used by children under the age of 3. By purchasing our products you are assuming all risks associated with play. Please read our full liability disclosures here. In the event that a product should break, please discontinue use immediately. Creative Learning LLC is not responsible for any misuse of products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Sonia M.
Should've bought this sooner

Absolutely a must have. This gets played with throughout an entire day. My toddler feels very empowered knowing she can turn it on and off all on her own.

Love the creative option!

My daughter enjoys the sink option for our sensory table. She has already spent a few hours playing with it. Solid deisgn. Great that the faucet and cup are included.

Two notes: my daughter turned the faucet so it went over the edge of the table. It made a huge mess on the floor. If there was a way to limit the range the faucet could turn/rotate, that would be an added bonus.

Also, when my daughter turned the faucet to let the water fall on the center divider of the table, it was soaked. The wood has started to warp a bit. I dried it fairly soon after the event and let a fan blow on it for about an hour to let it dry. If we do this too many times, it might ruin the table, so I'm considering options to seal the wood.

A fan favorite, but...

My son is obessesed with the kitchen and bathroom sink. He loves to turn the water off and on at his own leisure. I was so happy to find him somethng that conserves water, but still allows him to pratice skills with water such as turning the faucet on and off, pouring, filling and emptying. One downfall is that the faucet itself can be pulled out easily out of the board and this can lead to large water spill if not careful.

Worth its weight in gold

This board is awesome. It is easily my daughter's favorite and so engaging. It provides so many opportunities for play. We've added colored water and made it a lemonade stand. She loves washing her doll in this as well. You really don't need to create a fancy set up for this to be a hit. Sometimes the best play is the most simple and we love that this is not complicated to set up.

Great set up for the price .

I love this set up . I wish the battery lasted a b it longer on the faucet , but the kids absolutely love it !!!!